Post Party Depression


Being Party lovers we definitely don’t miss any chance of going wild specially in the most awaited time of the year. But Now that the party season is over and all are back from their holidays in Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and Goa, how many of you are feeling worthless ? and finding it extremely difficult to get back into your normal routine. To top it all there is this excess weight which you have gained and you have disturbed sleeping patterns. If so the case then you are also suffering from Post Party Depression just like me.

What happens is we go into an over indulgence zone. We indulge ourselves in excess of food, alcohol, companionship and shopping and later find it very depressing to not have them all. You feel extremely lethargic, non motivated and bored. Life seems a stand still and you don’t feel like going to work. Suddenly their is a silence zone around which kills you and reminds you of good times last week.

Problem arises when you force yourself to get back to routine and it doesn’t happen and further bothers you.. For me I’m still struggling to get back into my diet zone but can’t get over the wine, cheese and sinful tiramisu.. I guess it’s our Brain which searches for same pleasures and wants us to feel happy but in return upsets us.

Well I came up with some solutions which could help.. First just get out and exercise(which i am planning to do today ;),plan your next holiday(even if it’s six months later) eat healthy(treat your self some hot soup and salad) make new plans to focus on at work.. The point is not to do slow stuff like a massage would slow you down further at this point of time. Hope it helps and we party on friday night together.

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Rittika Sareen
Party Like A Millionaire


Partying any different in 2012


The world is going to end in 2012, at least thats what we hear. So should that be a reason enough for us to take our partying ability to different heights? Delhi had an array of new clubs and lounges opening up one after the other as we were reaching this year. But I feel sorry to say that none of them had anything different to offer.

I guess it’s the fear of going wrong. But what they dont understand is the fact that if they succeed in taking a risk they will be the changing factor in Indias parting style..

What I really mean here is why don’t people open places like shots bar only or I robot age where everything is mechanical and no humans to serve u – u tell the computer what u want u pay and get the services or party on a plane while u shift cities or even create a fake beach have full moon parties there the kohsamui style.. If still not convinced then try turning a planetarium into a club at night and enter in astronaut costumes and drink alcohol filled in oxygen cylinders 🙂

Few places did outshine themselves which our worth a mention. On top of my list is Beer Cafe – a place where you get beers from all over the world and you have a tap attach to every table where u can keep refilling the beer and the quantity consumed is monitored through the computer. Definitely worth a visit.

I hope for vendors to dive in this business with exclusivity. Experiment with ideas, be extempo with insights and don’t be afraid to excite the public. Anything that will create the buzz will fetch you your investments back.

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Rittika Sareen
Party Like A Millionaire

Did i really say that? Did i really do it?

Drinking and Mixing and  we start saying things, we start doing things..  it may seem more like WTF happened  the next day.

People say alcohol consumption makes one say things that they really want to and the truth scarred deep down inside comes out ones you are few drinks down. Stuff you wont generally do or necessarily behave like, you end up doing all that. Your view points on certain things come out strong and bold. But is it really true ? Does alcohol really make you speak out the truth ?

My take not true. People can only act their inner self more easily and confidently. A liar would lie ten times more in effect of alcohol, a showoffer would show off much more in the influence of same. Someone may start saying things they may not want to disclose at that particular time.  Secrets come out, people become richer, smarter, caring, emotional.. this is just an easy scenario 😉 Worst case – you might land up at places you shouldnt be at, you text and call up people you shouldnt be doing.. you bang your car, get caught up by cops, or just might hijack a lion or a monkey  and end up being responsible for lighting a fire 😉 Hangover one and two are perfect examples of what we are talking about  over here. 😉 The reason the movies have been loved soo much is also the case that people can relate to it, things do go out of  control, in real life we do end up putting ourself in situations sometimes easy to erase  and come out of and sometimes the damage is too strong to mend, but over the years we must understand that shit happens and it happened due to an external influence of alcohol.

If we also put up all our drunken events together, I am pretty sure each one of us can have our own Hangover movie  😉

Piece of advice : Shit happenes when your drunk, never take a drunken person too seriously .. What happens on board should remain on board.

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Rittika Sareen

Party Like A Millionaire

Sunday, the official Hangover day..

Ooouuucchh  Sunday morning.. the day of the dreaded hangover. Nagging headaches, dizziness, laziness, nausea, the morning after a rocking saturday night is like a stormy weather.

There are myths like a cup of coffee or drinking more alcohol will probably take your pain away ? but do they really ?

Different countries have different beliefs : In France they say if you drink thick hot onion soup the next day you would feel better (my take anything salty would anyways make you feel better as your already less on salt in your body), In Switzerland its a shot of brandy with peppermint, In Russia you are advised heavily salted cucumber(again the same funda to make up for the lost salt and water in your body), Double cream is the solution in Norway, and in our very own India we have our very old nimbu pani masala wala (i feel drink a jug or two it will definitely make up for the lost) and if nothing else works try alka-setzer, can get this at any chemist shop two of those in a glass of water will for sure cure the sick feeling and you will be up and about to get on with the sunday brunch and wine 😉

Life Saver : my personal recipe which is a very good liver cleanser aswell, all you need is few peeled carrots, radishes, apples, few strawberries, ginger, banana, salt and honey .. blend everything together with ice and drink it up. ( ginger is used as an agent to cure nausea and sickness, carrots and radishes are great liver cleansers, apples and strawberries have vitamin A and C, banana has potassium to make up for lost salt and  honey for taste.)

So dont worry about your hangover, its just a proof of how much fun you actually had.

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Rittika Sareen

Always Party Like A Millionaire 😉

Wednesday Night Ladies Night

Me & my pals from left Sanjana Dugar, Jyoti Chellani & me…

After a hard start of the week .. we do require a mid-week break.. and after banging your head at work with zillion people who just dont understand what you really mean the best thing that can happen to us that we get offered free drinks. . We girls are lucky in that case cause its the mid-week , Wednesday the offical ladies night of the week and almost every club is gonna be offering drinks on the house and free entry for the girls.

What better could we ask for, an official day where the chances of you getting hit on is 70% more than any usual day and also to get high and rolling you neednt spend a single buck from your pocket.

This day of the week we should make it an official only girls hang out day forget about your boyfriends or husbands and totally let your hair loose and get wild. There are various clubs in delhi who arrange for special nights, like poisonivy in new friend colony have male strippers called in for the ladies night, zook at saket has drinks free from 9pm to midnight, some of the clubs have a special bartending nights, where the women could get on the other side of the bar and learn some cocktail shaking or some other shaking if you wish, there are salsa nights where you get to choose the partner you wish to dance with from the crowd and learn some grooving at the urban pind.

So put on your shortest dress and highest heels, Chances are high, Options are more, its only us who should be ready to have some and some more.. A day you should forget about men and concentrate only on your girl pals, you wont even realize how much more appealing you would be for your man especially when he wants you bad  but cannot get you.. Its the official teasing day, dont let him have you tonight, no matter how much you want it, just till tomorrow morning 😉

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Rittika Sareen

Party Like A Millionaire

A Rocking Weekend and then a Monday Morning

After unwinding yourself on a saturday night and then trying to spend the entire sunday to get over the hangover how difficult it is to face monday ?

I HATE MONDAYS… its the official hate day of the week and i am pretty sure most of you would agree with me on that. The name itself has some kind of an aversion to it.. its like a Mourn-day. No matter how much we can try and convince ourself that its gonna be ok the entire sunday night passes in some kind of a tension. The amount of hard work that goes into de-stressing oneself over the weekend, double the hard work goes into preparing oneself mentally for a monday morning.

So whats the best way out ? How can we make peace with mondays ?

To really get out of this vicious circle we gotta have something to look forward to on a monday.. Mondays do have more potential than we can think it does.

Mondays should be the official fun night in everyones life. How ? We should have a list for mondays. A new restaurant in town make it a point to try it out only on a monday. Wanna watch a movie, monday a better night to go for it, one ticket availability is easy and second you might have enough room to get hanky panky with your partner. Go to a karaoke bar – sing and let yourself loose, Go out bowling with friends, go play a game of snooker, go for go-carting, make it a hookah night & some lounging, go watch a theatre or a live music performance, how about paintballing?

So Weekends is for drinking and drinking yourself sick and spending the sunday to get over your hangover while mondays is something to look forward to and truly have a relaxed evening .. 🙂 Have a fun filled Monday Guys …

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Rittika Sareen

Party Like A Millionaire

Party On Wheels

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Whats better than a door to door party service.. Its a concept i totally love, it has an ooompph factor to it. A feeling of feeling on top of the world.. Feeling special, important & rich ..

A Limousine or limo are generally extended cars driven by a chauffeur. We usually associate these cars with people who have immense wealth & power.What better than having it at your convenience and use it just like you own it . A party on wheels is a door to door limousine service equipped with party essentials. So from the moment you hop onto it, pop open a bubbly, switch on some music, wear a few props, feel the ambience & be ready to rock & roll.

The car can be done up  according to various themes, these themes could be based on occasions like anniversarys, birthdays, bachelors, bachelorette, wedding  or it could be ranging from Bollywood, hannah montana, pink-panther, sex & the city, gossip girl or think hotter if you can & we shall create the ambience for you..

A general party for close 8-9 people can be made like a one never to be forgotten. Your guests are closely placed to each other in a way that they dont have an option but to enjoy each others company, you are not left with a choice to leave the party before time or enter late, you are completely at your hosts disposable.

Traffic or getting late is not really an issue any more cause regardless your party is on .. weather you wish to  party  just in the car throughout or take various stops in between its completely your choice,you can stop for a takeaway or just halt at popular hangouts to attract attention and get yourself clicked.

One thing is for sure partying on wheels will definately give you high regardless of alcohol…

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Rittika Sareen

Party Like A Millionaire

Drinking Games

From getting started to being buzzed to being drunk to being hammered to being shit faced …Finally you had a gr8 night to remember… Isnt that we all work on continuosly – to have fun to do something different so that we can talk about it forever.We all can remember that one night where we could not reach back to our dorm room or when we all got drunk and ending up fighting like idiots or that one time which lead to some make up or break up .. Whatever we ended up doing under the influence of alcohol it is something you definitely wouldnt want to forget – cause those become fun memories in its own way. So at the end of the day your helping people make memories for themselves and for you.

Drinking games are for some serious fun lovers & not for the faint hearted. What you end up doing after your drunk is a persecution you should be willing to face. Some people end up being happy and much more joyfull while others might roll up their sleeves and be ready to get on with a fight and then there are some who go into their lala land and start dreaming and nothing effects them roll on that moment.

Forget everything.. lets play some serious game..

Some of my favourite drinking games are the ones played in smaller groups with min of 4 people to max of 10 .. interaction in this amount of group is easy and more casual .. so chances of you feeling like a fool the next day is less and your more comfortable getting drunk ..

There are various mediums to have your drinks and shots these days, varying from led light up glasses, glow syringes, test tube shooters, sharing buckets, to make it more different use watering pots of different shapes , in singapore there is a place called Medi-bar where they have the glucose drips and stands to make you drink alcohol (obviously you use the pipe as a straw and it is not injected in you). But the point is anything out of the usual fascinates the human mind and they want to try it. Its all about creatively drinking in our field.

Check out this website for some drinking games ideas :

So spend this weekend playing a few and do send me your feedback.

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Rittika Sareen

Party Like A Millionaire

Its so Hot .. How will we Party ?

What about summer parties ?

Even though winters are more popular for partying its a fact that you party more in summers, reason being its hot and your body demands to be cooled – you end up hanging around, usually looking for places to chill and most of all the perfect drink to drink.

Its  all about chilled beers, sangrias, mojitos .. and it keeps getting better, what better if its clubbed with a rain dance at a farm get away or a special organized foam party. Summers is about getting creative .. put up a volley ball setup in your personal pool(Aqua, at The Park has one going on every Sunday afternoon) or create a fake beach – and fill up your tub with Shandy and breezers .. put sprinklers around your garden & enjoy the mist.

Don’t have a pool get a kid one ..and play along 😉

Get your flip-flops & summer dresses out and float around with kohsamui beach buckets – sitting and getting your fish pedi alongside ..Want to go a step further go the Hawaiian way – add colorful flowers lei and  bandanas for your guest , scoop out coconut water and fill with some vodkatinis and serve it around .. Create  a scavenger hunt : with clues to prizes hidden under rocks, flowers, tree trunks etc will spice up your evening for sure.

Its Hot & it’s the time of the year to strip, so go I dare you to play. ( 90% of you would think dirty here – other 10% are too sober to think ) .. Invest in a good karaoke set : videos made while you were hot and drunk, I promise will make you laugh for eternity…

Im feeling all set to have my own beach party now .. Hope you too..

Ps : if you still feel hot at your next party pick up stones & throw at your host.

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Rittika Sareen

Party Like A Millionaire

Funda of Party Like A Millionaire

Is Partying a Habit, a social obligation , an image management diary or something u do to unwind yourself .. ? Even threes a party & thats our basic funda ..

I am not a party freak but what i enjoy is seeing people enjoying them self . Party Like A Millionaire came about in my mind through similar thoughts.. It was fun to see people showing off their new things – and the place where they do it most is at a Party. So i thought why not create products which would be fun to flaunt & similarly fun to use. Products which would lead to naughty or nasty conversations, products which would make things happen between individuals. Trying to twist & crunch your brain to pass judgements about things and give you a good idea to communicate to strangers. Well this was just the first step…

Games people play … Its funny how our social world is full of games .. that was my first research centre. Are we ready to move from just giving an attendance to actually having some serious fun ? Were we ready to show our real self and let our hair down with unknown people at partys ? Yes we are but their were no tools available to do so . Someone had to take an initiative to be bold enough to push the whole system of partying to another level . I thought why not me ?

Partying was never a passion. Partying well was & more than that enjoyment was. It dint matter where i was partying, but how i was partying. You dont need a million bucks to party like a millionaire, its just a phrase depicting if you party with party like a millionaire u automatically feel like one 😉

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Rittika Sareen

Founder- Party Like A Millionaire